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Dusmo Floor Sweeping Compounds & Absorbents

Sweeping Products

Dusmo is blended with active ingredients that help to allay potential airborne dust whilst collecting dirt and debris from the surface of floors.

If you have a problem cleansing your dusty and dirty floors or you are worried about staff/ public exposure to airborne dust in high traffic areas or stock damage due to dust settlement, treating your floors with Dusmo may be the solution.
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Where is Dusmo Used?

Dusmo is successfully utilised in a number of leading builders merchants and is a suitable floor cleanser in such places as:

- Schools
- Public Buildings
- Building sites (final clean/ maintenance)
- Warehouses
- Power Stations
- Pottery workshops
- Garages
- & many more


For enquiries about any of the Dusmo products please contact us using the details below or use the online enquiry form on the contact page of this website:

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