Dusmo Floor Sweeping Products & AbsorbentsDusmo Floor Sweeping Compounds and Absorbents have been manufactured and supplied to our customers in the UK since 1906.

Dusmo is very successfully utilised in a number of leading builders merchants, on building sites, and in power stations etc.  Furthermore garages large warehouses, workshops, schools and public buildings also benefit from using Dusmo sweeping compounds.

If you have a problem cleansing your dusty and dirty floors or are worried about staff/public exposure to airborne dust in high traffic areas or stock damage due to dust settlement, treating your floors with Dusmo may be the solution.

Dusmo – A Brand Of Interface Ltd

Dusmo is a long established brand of floor sweeping compounds and absorbents manufactured by Interface ltd, a specialist niche product and service company. To find out more about Interface and its associated brands and companies, feel free to visit the websites below:

· Interface Ltd

· Woodflakes of Daventry

· Pyrasorb – Spillage Absorbents