Sweeping Compounds

Dusmo is blended with active ingredients that help to allay potential airborne dust whilst collecting dirt and debris from the floor surface.  There are mixes for different floor types so choosing the correct one is easy.  Large areas of floors can be rapidly cleansed without the need for expensive machinery.

Dusmo is very successfully utilised in a number of leading builders merchants, on building sites, and in power stations etc.  Furthermore garages large warehouses, workshops, schools and public buildings also benefit from using Dusmo sweeping compounds.

Dusmo floor sweeping compounds are easy to use; simply apply a small amount of compound to the floor and sweep.  Whilst the Dusmo is swept along a ridge will form, this will gather the dirt and dust from the floor as you go.  The economical nature of Dusmo means that a small amount can clean quite a large area, it can also be used on a variety of floor types and once finished the result is a cleaner fresh smelling floor.

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