Why use sweeping compounds?

Since 1906, Dusmo have been the leading provider in the UK for sweeping compounds. Made from natural, sustainable, recyclable materials, our range of products can ensure that working environments are free from airborne dust and irritants. Just apply one of our Dusmo mixes to the floor surface before sweeping to ensure dust is kept trapped on the floor. This keeps staff safe from respiratory problems and eliminates dust damage to stock in warehouses. Sweeping compounds are ideal for use in warehouses, storage facilities or on construction sites.

Preventing stock damage

Running a warehouse means at some point you will experience stock damage. Whilst some are unavoidable, dust damage can be reduced or even eliminated with the use of our Dusmo range of products in the workplace.

Protecting your staff

Over 20,000 man-days in the UK were lost last year as a direct result of asthma and respiratory problems. Minimise your risk by using Dusmo sweeping compounds at your place of work.

Saving you money

Cleaning bills can be high but stock damage or days lost through staff illness can be even more costly. Reduce both of these risks and make light work of cleaning with our range of sweeping compounds.

Using Our Sweeping Compounds

Our sweeping compounds are the cost effective and easy way to ensure that your workplace is clean of dust and airborne particles but don't just take our word for it, watch our instructional video here.

“Ordered this product a few weeks ago, for doing a garage conversion (I’m no builder) and this has to be one of the very best things I have ever used! It has been the best purchase of the entire garage fitting by miles, I was a little apprehensive at first (it stops dust when sweeping does it?) and I have eaten my words! It’s perfect! Great job, great product.”

Craig Palethorpe

“I was told that Dusmo would help when sweeping the garage and keeping dust down. We’d had an issue with plumes of dust being created every time we swept up but once we started using Dusmo No 6 we found the dust issue went away and the floors looked great too. Was amazed how easy it was to use and just how a small amount went such a long way, would recommend to anyone who wants a cost effective way to keep dust down.”

Kevin, All About Polythene

Dusmo No. 1
Green Mix Label
Suitable for untreated floors

Dusmo No. 2
Blue Mix Label
Suitable for various applications.

Dusmo No. 4
Orange Mix Label
Suitable for general purpose use

25l Bucket
Suitable for general use

We are all about absorbents

Whilst Dusmo are best known for their sweeping compounds, they also have a market leading range of absorbents used extensively in public buildings and offices. Easy to use and effective in absorbing fluids and other spills, Supasorb and Medico will ensure you maintain high levels of health and safety. Typically, Supasorb is used where there may be an oil or water spillage that needs to be contained and is particularly ideal for industrial and engineering environments as well as within retail and general commercial buildings. Medico is a dedicated product most often used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes or medical establishments where there may be a need to clean up bodily fluids such as vomit diarrhoea or blood.

Not sure? Watch this!

Our Sweeping Compounds have been market leaders since 1906 but don’t just take our word for it.

Watch this video to see the difference using our products can make to your working environment.

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