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About Us

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“A bit about Dusmo”

Dusmo is one of the oldest branded products in the UK and was primarily introduced to combat health issues caused by infections and diseases carried by airborne dust. Over 100 years later we are still protecting workers in the environment from the respiratory issues dust causes. In schools, hospitals, garages, workshops, warehouses, power stations and construction sites Dusmo has been helping people stay safe from dust and pollutants.

If you have a problem cleansing your dusty and dirty floors, or are worried about staff/public exposure to airborne dust in high traffic areas, or stock damage due to dust settlement, treating your floors with Dusmo may be the solution.

A small amount of Dusmo is scattered on the floor and is then swept along. The active ingredients within the compound attracts dust whilst the granules of Dusmo gently rub surface dirt from the floor, leaving a clean finish. A single bag can treat up to 300m2 depending on the condition of the floor, making it very economical.

Dusmo products are made from recycled and renewable ingredients that are naturally kind to the environment.

Our History

Minimising the occurrence of fine dust particles throughout the 20th Century ensured that diseases could be more easily controlled. The common dust issues when Dusmo was established were especially apparent in schools and colleges throughout the country, where most classroom floors and halls were made from stone, tile and wood that produced high levels of dust underfoot. Mopping these surfaces was not entirely suitable as it did not remove the problem, so a more effective way of collecting the dust had to be established.

Soon after its introduction the "Dusmo Method" of sweeping became popular and within a very short space of time Dusmo was being used in most schools throughout the UK. Shortly after the introduction of the Dusmo brand in 1906, Dusmo gained the Royal Warrant in 1909 and only relinquished it in the late 1960s due to a merger with a competitor of the day.

Dusmo is as relevant now as it was over a Century ago. The idea of collecting potential airborne dust has been taken up by a variety of industries where dust can be a real issue to health. The simple act of collecting dirt and fine dust from the surface of the floor, quickly and safely, can never be underestimated and that is why our products are still in demand today.