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Sweeping Compounds for Construction Sites

Dusmo sweeping compounds are particularly suited to construction sites and building projects where construction dust is a real issue. To reduce exposure for employees, visitors and the public alike, using Dusmo is a highly effective, simple solution, proven over many years on a variety of sites throughout the UK.

Only a small amount of compound is required to quickly cleanse a surprisingly large area of flooring, so maintaining a clean site with Dusmo is quick and very efficient. With no expensive machinery required Dusmo is very economical too.

Absorbents for Construction Sites

When you need to clean up spilt liquids on site, Supasorb is ideal. Easily absorbing the fluid and allowing you to brush the problem up, our Absorbent range is loved throughout the building & construction trade.

Supasorb can easily handle oil, water, paint or grease spillages and allow you to clean up quickly and efficiently.

“Ordered this product a few weeks ago, for doing a garage conversion (I’m no builder) and this has to be one of the very best things I have ever used! It has been the best purchase of the entire garage fitting by miles, I was a little apprehensive at first (it stops dust when sweeping does it?) and I have eaten my words! It’s perfect! Great job, great product.”

Craig Palethorpe

“I was told that Dusmo would help when sweeping the garage and keeping dust down. We’d had an issue with plumes of dust being created every time we swept up but once we started using Dusmo No 6 we found the dust issue went away and the floors looked great too. Was amazed how easy it was to use and just how a small amount went such a long way, would recommend to anyone who wants a cost effective way to keep dust down.”

Kevin, All About Polythene

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