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For Education, Healthcare
and other Public Places

Where hygiene standards are so important

Sweeping Compounds for Education & Healthcare

Dust can be a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Places such as hospitals and schools need to be spotless and Dusmo have a product for all types of floors, from tiles and linoleum to polished & treated concrete ones. Avoid the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation by ensuring that your building is as clean as possible.

Simply sprinkle the mix on the cleaning area and the compound attracts and retains dust, keeping airborne particles to a minimum whilst sweeping.

Absorbents for Education & Healthcare

Medico is an ideal product for environments that may encounter vomit, child mishaps, pet accidents and other spills. Schools and hospitals find this product very useful. Medico absorbent is easy to use. Just cover the problem area with the product, the mess is absorbed on contact and nasty smells quickly masked. The pine disinfectant helps to cleanse the area and the material can be easily swept up leaving a clean finish to the floor surface.

Don’t risk outbreaks of disease or fall foul of health and safety, trust in Medico.

“Ordered this product a few weeks ago, for doing a garage conversion (I’m no builder) and this has to be one of the very best things I have ever used! It has been the best purchase of the entire garage fitting by miles, I was a little apprehensive at first (it stops dust when sweeping does it?) and I have eaten my words! It’s perfect! Great job, great product.”

Craig Palethorpe

“I was told that Dusmo would help when sweeping the garage and keeping dust down. We’d had an issue with plumes of dust being created every time we swept up but once we started using Dusmo No 6 we found the dust issue went away and the floors looked great too. Was amazed how easy it was to use and just how a small amount went such a long way, would recommend to anyone who wants a cost effective way to keep dust down.”

Kevin, All About Polythene

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